Molecular Medicine Research Building

1220 E. Broad St.


Molecular Medicine Research BuildingThe $71.5 million Molecular Medicine Research Building is an eight-story, 125,000-square-foot research facility that houses 48 principal investigators and their staffs. The laboratory floors are designed with an open layout that encourages interaction among researchers across disciplines.

The research facility is also registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is LEED-certified. Key energy conservation features include:

    • Water-efficient fixtures that reduce water use by 20 percent with compared with similar buildings
    • Energy recovery wheel in the air handling system that captures and re-uses heat energy that normally would be expelled into the environment
    • Chilled beam air conditioning system that mixes overhead conditioned air with existing room air to the appropriate temperature and humidity
    • Green roof on the second floor terrace consists of vegetation that absorbs roof rain water, which normally would be sent to the city storm sewers via roof drains
    • Environmentally friendly, low hydrocarbon construction materials, such as paint and carpeting

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